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6 Week Relationship Coaching Workshop

Each 2 hour session includes a collection of topics aimed at helping you and your partner better understand each other's needs, emotional state, triggers, communication methods, companionship, and commitments. The concepts taught in this program can be utilized to enhance any relationship. 

Couples that complete this program will grow closer together, communicate more effectively, create more trust and understanding, and take a large step forward in strengthening their marriage or other romantic relationship. You will learn how to get to the heart of important issues in your marriage, how to better understand your differences, how to better love your partner--the way they like to be loved, and how to stay committed to creating a lasting and healthy relationship.  ​

So what are the results of this program? Strengthened personal character, increased communication, enhanced companionship, and growth in your commitments to one another. What this means to you is less arguing, less misunderstandings, and better communication, and better connections. 

Classes are usually taught one to two nights each week. They may also be held at different locations to better meet the needs of those attending the workshop.

What's Included When You Register For The Workshop?
Relationship Assessment
Two comprehensive, 50-point scientifically validated relationship assessments. This will be provided before the course starts. 
"Starved Stuff" Book
This is the textbook for this course. It goes in-depth on every topic we cover with engaging sections that will assist you in creating a "Feeding Plan" for your relationship. 
2 Workbooks
Two 100-page workbooks containing an outline of the course and activities to help you get the most out of the course. Contains a Blueprint that you will develop for a more meaningful relationship.
Coaching Support
Receive timely answers and ongoing support from your certified relationship coach.
What People Are Saying About The Course
Kyle I.
Sheri teaches the principles you need to feed your marriage through her humorous personality and personal experiences. The simple keys she shares has really strengthened my marriage and has helped me align myself with my spouse. I highly recommend it to those that want to improve their relationship with their spouse! Thank you Sheri.
Tona D.
I've had so much fun attending Endeavor Mentoring Services classes with my husband. In the beginning I was surprised he agreed to attend. Sheri makes the class fun and I think he feels so comfortable he can say whatever he wants. Some of the simple concepts really made a lot of sense for us. Becoming aware of small actions and keeping them at the front of our minds helps us focus on each other and be more aware of each other's feelings and interpretations. 
Laina L.
These classes are great! Helpful and applicable to all relationships: spouses, children, siblings and friends to name a few. It's great to have real tools and techniques to dissolve struggles in our communication. We have seen real improvement in our relationships because of the understanding we now have from being better educated. Thank you Sheri for helping us in our journey to improve our marriage!
Diane I. 
My husband and I have been married for 18 years. We have a great marriage, but like most marriages, sometimes it is easier than others. I have admired Sheri's marriage and the way they treat each other. Sheri invited us to attend these classes. The classes offered through Endeavor Mentoring contain some of the most basic, easy to implement, life changing, strategies to improve our relationships with our spouse. I highly recommend these classes to every couple. I honestly say EVERY couple because it can benefit EVERYONE at EVERY stage in your life and marriage! Sheri makes the classes so enjoyable! I guarantee that you will leave each class with a stronger connection to your spouse and a greater desire to improve your marriage. 
Your Relationship Coach
Sheri Vaughan
Sheri holds a bachelor's degree in Community Health Education and has been teaching people of all ages for over 20 years. Whether they are young children, teens, or adults she has taught and mentored them to be the best version of themselves. She knows the importance and impact a coach or mentor can have on improving your life and has worked with many throughout the years.
Over the last several years Sheri has completed several training and mentoring courses and in 2016 she certified as a Relationship Coach with Dr. Matt Townsend to facilitate and coach the "Feeding The Starved Marriage" course. 
Sheri has been married over 23 years and they have two teenagers. She and her sweetheart have learned how to feed their once starving marriage and now live in creating their happily ever after each day. 

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